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Clicks - Snow

Yesterday we woke up to snow.  Not too much snow making the roads bad but just enough snow to be exciting. Jordan and I headed up the canyon in the morning to take some family Christmas Card pictures which was cold fun.

The canyon was beautiful, with snow on the tips of all the trees.  We just did some self-timer pictures which usually is a funny experience.  I have to tell a joke or tickle Jordan before almost every picture in order to get a real smile out of him.  We ended up with some good pictures but I think I'll share some of the silly ones because I think they're cute too.

In the afternoon Claire and I headed up to Salt Lake to catch a bit of Time out for Women which was really good.  After that we met up with our husbands and a few other friends for a session at the Salt Lake Temple.  I love going there.  For dinner we headed to Buca Di Beppo and boy was it delicious!  We finished the night off with some games at Jared and Jessica's house.  What a great day!


  1. so fun!! I was telling Devin about how ridiculous everyone was about Jericho Road and he agreed that they are not the cool man band they were ten years ago haha

  2. you are so pretty!! your pictures are beautiful too, i miss having real snow! i've also wanted to go to buca di beppo's for a while, i'm jealous!


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