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There is a girl in my major named Tara who recently bought a big box of pomegranates. She soon found out that I love pomegranates.  A few days later she slipped 4 of them into my backpack.  What a great surprise!  I was shocked.    She is such a nice friend and a great girl.

So as a thank you I decided I would paint her a picture of pomegranates.  I hope she likes it.

I'm doing another GIVEAWAY this week on Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.
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Happy Wednesday!


  1. Pomegranates are so delicious and your painting does them justice. :)


  2. On pinterest there is a recipe for double chocolate pomegranate cookies. They are delicious and so fun to eat (the way they pop in your mouth :) ). Just saying.

  3. um...hello talented! Will you paint me a picture of pomegranates? What a nice little surprise.

  4. Hi! I Just found you from Finding Beauty in the Ordinary! I entered to win one of your paintings! and I am you newest follower :) I would love if you stopped over to follow me too!

  5. Aw, that was sweet of her!
    I love poms too! My daughter thought she liked them, until she realized how hard she had to work to get all the seeds out. :0)


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