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[top: originals (found here and here), bottom: mine]

I recently found these on Pinterest and immediately knew I needed them.  About the same time I found them, we started learning about Adobe Illustrator in one of my classes so I thought I would try to copy them for some practice. They aren't perfect but I love how they turned out and I loved that I was able to tweak some things to get them looking exactly how I wanted them to.  I got them printed and they are now hanging in my house.  It was the perfect Saturday afternoon project.


  1. I love the pinterest quotes! Especially Julia Child quotes!! YAY!

  2. I like your balloon better, actually! It totally fits with that...these are so cute :)

  3. Nice work! I'm totally impressed. I always want to make cool graphic design posters but have no talent for it :(

  4. Hey, I'd say you did a pretty good job!


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