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6 Current Thoughts

Usually I like to do 10 current thoughts....but this time there are only 6 things on my mind....

1.  Christmas!  Is it not on all of our minds right now?  It's pretty much all I can think about.  Christmas lights, presents, gifts, and most importantly family and the Savior's birth.

2.  Since it's Christmas time, where's all the snow?  There's none.  Usually, I don't like snow, but around Christmas time, come on...I want some snow!

3.  Speaking of snow...Jordan and I are taking a skiing class next semester.  We're really excited!  So hopefully Provo will get some snow, so this can actually happen...

4.  Castle Rock.  I'm excited to be heading home for Christmas!  In my town we have a humongous, (I'm taking big) big rock on top of a mountain and during the holidays a big star on the top is lit up, and I love it!  It's like a really large star on top of a really large tree, and a great visual reminder of Christmas.

5.  I think I have an addiction.  My new favorite thing:  Caramel Apple Cider.  I'm pretty sure I've been drinking a very unhealthy amount of this stuff.  It is SO good.  Have any of you ever tried the Stephan's Caramel Apple Cider?  Oh you have?  Oh you're addicted too?

6.  Finals are over!  I didn't finish until Friday at 2:30.  I'm pretty sure I was the only student on campus left with a final on Friday.  I think everyone left on Tuesday or Wednesday, because campus was e-m-p-t-y!  But it feels to good not to have school work floating at the back of my mind, behind every other thought.  I am carefree...

Merry Christmas!


  1. i haven't had the caramel apple cider but i am absolutely addicted to the regular apple cider stephen's makes. it was appalling how fast i finished a can of the stuff.

  2. you are taking a skiing class? me too! what day? and i will have to try the caramel apple cider. sounds delicious!

  3. We've had amazing 50+ degree weather here in VA all month, it makes it almost impossible to believe Christmas is this weekend!!

    {I love your blog design, by the way - so simple and pretty}


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