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Christmas 2011


Jordan and I just got home from a week in Colorado for Christmas.  We had a wonderful time.  Here is a list of things we did:

Flew out of Provo/ went to the dentist/ built a doll house/ made caramel corn/ ate all of the caramel corn/ ate Christmas cookies/ bought Christmas presents/ wrapped Christmas presents/ slept in/ ate at Red Robin/ had a great time skiing/ played games/ ate at White Fence Farm (Jordan got free dinner because he got straight A's!)/ got sick :( Dylan got sick too/ ate my dad's yummy breakfasts/ Christmas Eve at the Rust's house/ Christmas Eve Grab bag/ new PJs/ opened presents/ made stuffed French Toast for breakfast Christmas Morning/ went to church Christmas Day/ ate a delicious turkey dinner/ visited the horses/ Kokoro for dinner/ spent time with family/ flew back to Provo/ loved every second of it!


  1. being somewhere snowy on Christmas makes all the difference. i love these pics! colorado is one of my fav. states.

  2. Those pictures of the horses are GORGEOUS.

  3. Fun! I love the horse pictures as well....and I love how frontier does the cool animal pictures on their wings :)

  4. i miss the snow! so glad that you were able to have a snowy white christmas, though. and i love those horse pictures! i don't even like horses and those are gorgeous!


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