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Christmas Card 2011


I had a fun time making and sending out our very first ever Christmas Card!  I loved the Christmas Card Amanda Jones made last year and thought I would try to see if I could make a similar one for Jordan and I.  I bought this tape on etsy, to seal the back.  I think it is so fun.  Jordan and I took the picture up Provo Canyon a few weeks ago with the self timer...pretty good for a self timer photo, right?  Overall, I love how it turned out and I had a great time making, designing, and sending it out.  And to top it off, getting to the the post office and finding out they were out of Christmas stamps but had tons of Pixar stamps was pretty fun too!

Did you send out Christmas cards this year?


  1. These are so cute! This is our first year doing Christmas cards too, and I'm already looking for cute ideas for next year.

  2. Those are seriously the CUTEST. I wish I woulda kicked it into gear and made some. NEXT year. When there are no finals to distract me! :)

    - eliesa @ good day, sunshine

  3. CORINA!!! How freaking adorable. I thought it was weird to send out Christmas cards when its just us....but this obviously proves me wrong! I love them!!! I wish I was as creative!

  4. Seriously?? These are the cutest cards I've ever seen! Can I hire you next year? haha

  5. That is such a unique idea and I love it. I think it beats the family newsletter type thing, but still catches people up on your lives a bit. So cute, and that tape is perfect. :)


  6. So fun!! We just got it in the mail and loved it :) Glad to see we were 5th on the list, YES! haha

  7. I like how you put together your ideas in this blog.


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