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Corina Clicks - TV Stand

Ok, I started my Corina Clicks Sunday series so that I would have a place to post pictures I had taken that week, but these last two Corina Clicks haven't really had a photography focus and I'm sorry!  I've just been wanting to show some pictures of our house for a while now and last Sunday seemed like a great time.  And today I'm so excited to show you the TV stand I built!  I built it for my wood shop class this semester.  I've been working on it for about 3 months, and I finished it on Thursday (well it was due on Thursday).  I drew the plans/ designed it from an idea I found online (this is what I wanted it to look like, minus the drawers) and then took rough, splintery wood and turned it into something I absolutely love.

I never thought I would take a woodworking class nor did I ever think I would be able to build something like this.  At the beginning of the class I was overwhelmed and didn't really enjoy it, but it ended up being one of my favorite classes at BYU.  It was so rewarding and I learned SO much.

I don't have anything on the shelves yet, but right now I'm satisfied just having them empty.  I'm just happy to have it home!  And someday I want to have the DVD player and receiver box on the shelves, but that will require drilling a hole in the back and I'm not about to do that (I almost didn't even want to put the TV on it).

Well without further ado, I present my TV Stand:

Well what do you think? How'd I do?  Have any of you ever taken a wood shop class?


  1. This is awesome! I didn't even know that class existed at BYU. Great job!

  2. Um, that's AMAZING. And I love the stain you chose.

  3. Your TV stand looks amazing! That is super impressive! :] And I like your photo collage above your TV! These pictures are so fun!

  4. holy cow corina! i am so impressed! you are so talented. excellent job!

  5. YAY!! You must feel so relieved! Sorry we couldn't come over to see it on Saturday night :( I love the color, looks great!

  6. It is beautiful. Such nice work and you are right to be proud of yourself. :)


  7. LOL on the pancakes!!!

    that stand is FAB!


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