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Current Thoughts/ Sneak Peak


1.  I know this is a horrible picture [my phone takes really bad pictures] but here is a sneak peak of my TV stand. Today I made a lot of progress.  It has to be finished by Thursday at 1:00.  But really tomorrow at 9pm because that's when the lab closes and we're not allowed to be in the lab without the teacher or a TA.  I love it and I can't wait until I finish.  I can't wait to have it in my house with my TV on it.  I'm so excited.  Hopefully I finish on time...wish me luck!

2.  I'm glad that this week is a more stressful week than next week [finals week].  While people are crying and studying their brains out I will only have a few minor things to do.

3.  Jordan took his big Manufacturing test yesterday.  He is now a certified Manufacturing Technologist.  I'm so proud of him!

4.  I've been building a balsa wood bridge the past few days and tomorrow we get to see how much weight they will hold.  I hope mine holds a lot, I'm nervous.

5.  I mailed our Christmas Cards today.  I love them.  I will post pictures of them in a few days.  Also the post office ran out of Christmas stamps so I got to have Pixar ones!  They were so fun.


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