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Favs of 2011


Earlier this year I took a photography class and started loving photography.  I have always loved taking pictures but I haven't ever had a nice camera or really known anything about it.  In my class I was able to use a Canon 7D and learn a ton about photography.  After the class, my little Canon Powershot just didn't seem to do it for me anymore so after much research, I decided to buy a Canon 60D and I love it.  I am definitely an amateur, but I love taking pictures and have enjoyed documenting our life, and learning more and more about photography as I have been taking pictures this year.  I hope that as I keep taking pictures I will continue to learn more and get better and better at photography.  Even though I have posted most of these pictures previously on my blog, I thought it would be fun to put all of my favorite pictures taken in 2011 (in no particular order) all in one place, so here they are.  Enjoy.

[click to enlarge]


  1. I love it! Thanks so much for linking up :) Feel free to link your Best of 2011 post as well.

  2. Oh my. These pictures are ALL lovely. You've got some talent girl! ;)


  3. I love these pictures!! They're so pretty! I wish I had that kind of picture-taking talent! ;)

  4. Wow--these photos are beautiful! Looks like your 2011 went well, good luck with 2012 and all it brings!


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