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Oh the places you'll go...(15)

I lived in Jerusalem for 4 months last year and while I was there I started taking pictures of my feet.  During that time it was kind of a "I walk were Jesus walked" kind of thing but I really grew to enjoy them and loved how they looked, and since then I have continued taking pictures of my feet.  I think it is a unique way to document your life and the places you go.  I haven't posted any feet pictures for a while...and I think it's about time for some more!

Here we go!

Jordan and I @ the Denver International Airport

Jordan and I @ Glen Canyon Park, up Provo Canyon

Jordan and I @ Alturas Lake, Idaho

Jordan and I @ the Stadium of Fire in Provo, Utah on the 4th of July

Me @ my neighbor's house.  They have a HUGE tree which made SO many leaves all over our street a few weeks ago.

Driving in the car up to Heber, Utah

Jordan and I [and our matching shoes] @ the Alpine Slide in Park City, Utah

Click here to see more feet pictures and click here to see the map of feet picture locations.

Have you been anywhere cool lately?  Or are you going anywhere neat for Christmas?  Take a feet picture or 2 while you're there and then email them to me and I will feature them on my blog!

If you would like to send me some of your own feet pictures, email them to sorensencorina [at]


  1. This is so much fun! :] I love feet pictures! Although honestly I don't remember where most of them are taken! Haha. And I love that you two have matching shoes!

  2. I love this feet pictures idea! How fun!

  3. Oh what a neat idea Corina! Ove love this little adventure you took us on! hehehehe


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