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Chinese New Year


Last night, in honor of the Chinese New Year [which was on Monday] we decided that we wanted to have a Chinese night.  We wanted to order Chinese food and watch a Chinese Movie.  Devin and Claire came over and we all ate more Chinese food than we could handle.  The food was delicious.  We tried to watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [and thought it was so appropriate since it is the year of the dragon], but couldn't handle the subtitles while we were eating so we ended up just getting a redbox.  It was a great date night.  I definitely think more themed date nights will be happening in the future.

This was the perfect fortune cookie for the night, "You will always be surrounded by true friends."


  1. This sounds like a perfect night! And thanks to you, I am now craving chinese food :b

  2. We can't wait to not have to cook after church tomorrow and eat our leftovers :)

  3. What a great idea! This is awesome!


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