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I was looking back through some of my pictures from the hot air balloon festival today, remembering how beautiful they all were, and what a fun time we had.  I was seriously in heaven, loving every second of it.  Whenever I see a hot air balloon in the sky I get so excited, so imagine how happy I was when the whole sky was filled with balloons and everywhere I turned I could see one.  I took so many pictures.  I love how colorful hot air balloons are.  They are just so happy, light, and uplifting...literally.

Since I didn't get a chance to take very many pictures this week, this will have to do for my Corina Clicks for this week.

P.S. Jordan and I went skiing Saturday night and the sky had the most beautiful colors of purple and pink as the sun was setting.  And with the mountains in the background and a few stars AND the moon, and the white snow, it was absolutely gorgeous.  I was so so sad that I didn't have any kind of camera to document it.  I forgot my phone (which has the worst camera ever, so it didn't really matter that I forgot that), Jordan's phone was dying (and therefore wouldn't let me take a picture), and I didn't even have my little point and shoot, therefore I had nothing to capture the moment with.  Dang it.  I'll be kicking myself for that one for a while.

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