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Clicks - Yesterdays Rain


It rained so much yesterday!  Starting at about 8 until about 3ish, when it turned into a full blown snow storm.

Yesterday was a good day.  It started with a roommate breakfast, which is always fun and was followed by relaxing, Firehouse Subs for lunch (a first for Jordan and I, definitely wont be our last), a bit of skiing, and ended with Water for Elephants with Devin and Claire.

Simple, relaxing, and enjoyable.


  1. Liked that movie a lot! P.s. we went down the "scary" hill on the way home after all - everything had started to melt and it was fine :)

  2. i just watched that movie - her husband creeped me out. the elephant was adorable though.

    ps. march 8 we're having a byu bloggers meet up and would love for you to help spread the word! check it out on my blog or brookes over at silver lining :)


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