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1.  Lets be honest.  I never really get ready on Tuesdays.  I'm only on campus from 7:30-10:30, work and then only 1 class.  Then we head home to have some lunch and get ready to go skiing.

2.  Tuesdays are also the day that Jordan has class in Salt Lake.  I feel like Tuesday nights are SO long.  Never ending.  Why are Tuesday nights so long, when Jordan isn't home, and then every other night, when he is home, time goes so fast?  We come home, have dinner and then I feel like it is ready for bed....

3.  Yesterday I went on a field trip in my Graphic Design class.  We went to the Crandall Historical Printing Museum on Center St.  I loved it.  It was so fascinating.  I have never really learned about Gutenberg before so everything was interesting to me, from how he invented a new metal alloy or invented a new was all interesting.  We also learned about Benjamin Franklin and his involvement in the printing industry and then ultimately we learned about the printing of the first 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon.  It was so neat.  If you live in Provo or in Utah for that matter, I would highly recommend taking a trip to this museum.  You will leave not only more knowledgeable about printing but with a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon.

4.  Have I mentioned that I will be taking 10 credits of Math classes next fall?  I'm already dreading it.

5.  Sometimes right before bed Jordan will have a bowl of cereal.  I think cereal tastes better right before bed.  It just really hits the spot.  Can anyone attest to this strange phenomenon?

6.  Jordan and I are still trying to figure out that we're going to be doing this summer.  It's so weird not knowing.  Since Jordan works on campus and will be graduating in April, he will also be losing his job in April. I hope that we will be able to figure out some more definite plans soon.

7.  I got a new calling on Sunday at church.  We're still teaching Sunday School, but I the bishop asked me to be the Ward Photographer.  Kind of a made up calling.  Basically it is just a project calling.  There is a board in his office with pictures of all of the primary kids and youth and it is so outdated, and he wants me to take new pictures and update his board.  Then I get to work on creating a pictorial ward directory.  For being a made up calling, I think it will be fun.

8.  My cousin Addie was in a car accident on Saturday night.  She was hit head on and her car doesn't have airbags.  Even though this sounds super dangerous, it actually ended up being a huge blessing.  Addie is 8 months pregnant and if the airbags would have deployed there could have been some serious trouble.  However both her and the baby are fine.  It was a miracle.  I still almost can't believe it.

9.  Does anyone have any cute ideas for Valentines day presents for their husbands/significant others?  I'm short on ideas this year....

10.  Tonight we had Crock-pot Chicken and Dumplings for dinner.  I used this recipe except I added carrots and celery.  I think it was pretty good.  I've been craving this for a while and now my craving has been satisfied.

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  1. that dinner sounds fantastic!

  2. That calling sounds so fun, you'll get to go to primary activities and stuff! haha. Yum, I've been in need of new recipes, lately. We used all the meat in our freezer and I've been getting pretty creative this week :)


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