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Baby Brizuela


Welcome to the world little friend! On February 28, 2012, 6 lbs 12 oz and 18 1/2 in long, Gabriel James Brizuela was born with a perfect haircut.  I'm obsessed with his little toes and feet. Ok let's be honest, I'm obsessed with all of his tiny features. I love his newness. He is perfect.  Congratulations to Addie and Michael!


  1. Oh, his little wrinkly forehead and that hair. It's just too good.

  2. he could not be more adorable. and these pictures are fantastic.

  3. Oh my goodness! His head of hair is incredible! What a cutie!! :] New babies are so fun!

  4. fantastic picture (and a beautiful baby!) i just came across your blog and i'm addicted, you have some truly wonderful pics (and i love the table project too!)


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