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I am just dying to go on a trip.  Anywhere basically.  I am just so ready to explore a new place and to have some adventures.  Two years ago this week I was traveling back to Jerusalem from Egypt, hiking Mt. Sinai, and dipping my toes in the Red Sea.

Does anyone have any fun trips planned? Maybe for this summer or spring break?

Pictures from our Honeymoon in Cancun.  


  1. My boyfriend and I are spending our anniversary in Guatemala in april. I'm super pumped about it and constantly feel like I have the "travel bug"

  2. AHH Just found out this morning that we are camping on the beach this summer and I've been daydreaming about it ever since. I need warmth!!
    Love your blog. Newest reader!

  3. Trips are always fun and exciting. In a few weeks .. we're heading to Florida for a bit.

  4. No big trips planned for this broke girl. :( Sad. If I was going to plan one though, it would be to Banff in Alberta Canada. And it would include a night (just one! please!) at the Banff Fairmont hotel. Holy gorgeous batman.

  5. wow i looovee that last picture!!! :) im now following you!! (: follow me back?!

  6. we are going on a cruise in april. i am in need of a trip to the beach. i'm excited. found your blog through jess and steve's blog.

  7. Hey, i'm your newest follower! I LOVE finding other married mormon bloggers!

    We do have some trips planned. we live in Europe so traveling is pretty cheap and easy, we're trying to see as much as possible before returning to the U.S. of A!

    We're going to Istanbul next week! After that it looks like Rome and then maybe prague. :)

    Your blog is so cute!


  8. We've also been looking at cruises this week :)

  9. Those pics are making me miss Mexico! The next trip I have planned is NYC, but after that I need a beach vacation. Luckily I am a flight attendant so I can travel a lot! I hope to see you at the BYU Blogger Meet Up...and I would love if you would follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty


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