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I am kind of a meticulous journaler.  Or atleast I used to be.  I haven't been as good lately.  These are all of the journals I have had since high school.  In fact I think some are actually missing from these piles.

One of my favorite activities, is to look back through them and see what I did on this exact day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...years ago.  It's nice to see where I used to be and where I am now.  It's refreshing.

These days I get into the mindset that blogging is like my journaling, but nothing tops personal thoughts and feelings.  You know...the ones inside of you that you wouldn't want to share with the world, but don't quite mind writing down, to help you process them.  I know I need to get better at writing in my journal again.  I think it keeps me balanced.

The last picture is of my 4 favorite journals.  The ones I wrote in while I was in Jerusalem.  While I was there I was a crazy journaler.  4 journals in 3 1/2 months.

Are any of you journalers?  How do you find time these days?


  1. im a crazy journaler too!! somehow i have managed to write in a journal every single day for 5 years...i still dont know how im doing it, but ive never missed a day! my favorite are the spiral journals, thats all i write in haha

    p.s. loveee your blog fyi

  2. OH my word, I was totally going to do a post just like this! I even took pictures months ago of all my journals together like in this post...crazy..............

    YES, I write/journal everyday, it's just part of me now, I've been doing it since grade school, and it's the only way I keep level and sane throughout the day, if I can just write out what's going on in my head and heart.

    This was great, I have SOOOO so many filled and blank journals, so if you see my post like this this month, I hope you don't think I copied you LOL

    awesome post!!!

    Oh ya, I also journal when I have my devotional times in the day too!

  3. I was JUST thinking about how blogging is not cutting it for me like journaling used to. I really need to start being good at it again. I just recently went through one of my highschool journals to read about when I got accepted to BYU and there were so many things about that time of year that I totally forgot about. LOVE it :)

  4. I love journaling!! My mama got my into it and lately I've been slacking :/ BUT today, I am catching up before I do my homework... interesting, I know but hey- it's motivation to get it done :)

  5. In this aspect (and probably in a lot of others), you and I are a LOT alike. Like, a scary amount. I am (as I call it) a freak journaler. Or at least I used to be. Like you, my blog has kind of taken over my journal writing, but I have full intentions of getting that good old pen-and-paper thing started up again. I know I always use time as my excuse, but I also find the time to watch all of my favorite reality t.v. shows, so I know that that excuse for me is not exactly valid...

    Anyway, I love the pictures. And this might just give me the little kick I need to start up journaling again. Today.

  6. Love this! Oh and I Gave you the Liebster Blog award on my blog!


  7. found you through linsday nicole!New follower and so glad i am! your blog is adorable!

  8. Just found this blog through the neesby notebook (TOTALLY wanting that watercolor!) and love your blog! I can totally relate with the jouranl thing... WAY too many journals.

    My friend works at Freedom Academy so that is awesome that you did their new logo! I will have to tell her! And I am totally going to the BYU Bloggers meet up so I guess I will have to meet you in real life there!

    new follower :)


  9. This is seriously impressive! I'm a journaler as well but with co-authoring a book, writing a thesis and blogging I haven't really written in a while. I do write when I travel. And my husband and I write a line or two or more a day about our day, we've been doing that every day since we got married. Perhaps that counts :)

    I just found your blog through Nicole, and I'm glad I did <3

  10. I'm a journaler! i loved to collect them but had a hard time writing consistently for more than a month or two .until i got my i type. since the end of high school I have over 150 single spaced typed pages of journaling - its fun to type in key words and see where they pop up ..i also love using wordle with my journals to see what i talked about the most :)

    but nothing beats writing in a real book, i'd like to get back to that :)


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