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Freedom Preparatory Academy

For my Graphic Design class we had to redesign the logo for Freedom Preparatory Academy.  Their old logo was very outdated and desperately needed revamping.  The old logo is on the left and my new design is on the right.  We also had to make sure that it would look good in black and white so I included that on here too.

Along with the logo redesign we had to create a full corporate identity, so business cards, letterhead, envelopes...etc.  It was a really fun assignment.

For one of my first graphic design projects, I really like what I made and I had a really fun time.  It was nice to be designing a logo for a school, especially a school that has elementary school students because I think it allowed for a more fun bold design rather than a very ridgid business design.  I know I have a lot to learn about Graphic Design but I just want to document my progress so I thought I would post about my projects throughout the semester.


  1. I so wish I knew how to do this stuff! I'm so inspired to try and learn at least a little bit!! Love your blog. Newest reader!

  2. That one on the notebook paper adds a nice "school" touch :) I like it!


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