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Say hello to our table.  This is where we eat our meals and do our homework, sometimes we play games, and sometimes I do crafts.  Bottom gets a lot of use.  I decided that our little table needed some sprucing up, a coat of paint, so I decided that the long weekend was the perfect time for this little project.

It took a lot of sanding....

And some wood putty...

Oh and tons and tons of paint.

And there you have it!  Say hello to our new yellow table!

I love it!  I didn't really have a color picked out, we just went to Lowes and we walked out with a can of this  yellow.  And I think it turned out great.

This is my second furniture painting adventure, my first being my nightstand.  Next I need to paint our chairs, they look sub-par in comparison to our sweet table.

Have you ever painted a piece of furniture?


  1. Looks awesome, I love how you said what would be happening on the table, so true...

    we painted our kitchen table yellow also!!!

  2. I like your yellow table! :) Its pretty. Much more interesting now. Woo for random paint color decisions!

  3. Awesome! That is the perfect yellow :)


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