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10 Current Thoughts

1.  I went to observe a classroom today at Alta High School and my ride texted me 17 minutes before I thought they would and said, "I'm here." Needless to say, I was not ready.  Are morning minutes crucial to anyone else?

2.  BYU + NO Spring Break = Trip to Arizona this weekend! I hope there is more sunshine in Arizona than in California last weekend. And I hope that I get a little more relaxing time this weekend.  (pictures from Arizona last year here)

3.  I realized that I never mentioned how my speech went 2 weeks ago. Well, it went great! And afterward, I got to have lunch with President Eyring (and about 100 other people, but still!), it was a great experience!

4.  And want to know why my speech went so well? Because I practiced for 35 hours.  I counted. 35 hours of practice for a 15 minute presentation.  From this experience I need to learn that preparation really helps calm the nerves and definitely yeilds great success.  It felt so good walking up on that stage and knowing that I was 100% prepared.  I don't think I have every approached an exam like that.  I should start studying earlier, start everything earlier so I can feel this prepared in all that I do.

5.  I can't believe that my husband is going to be a college graduate in 29 days!  and he has no signs of Senioritous!  Amazing.  He is such a hard worker and studier.

6.  In September of 2010, I chopped 10 inches of my hair off.  I loved the short hair for about 2 months, then I wanted my long hair back.  I think this is how I always feel after a large haircut.  I don't understand why I always want to cut my hair short, if I know I will miss my long hair...It doesn't make any sense. After I cut my hair last time I told Jordan never to let me cut my hair shorter than it takes me to grow it back in 1 year. But now I see all of these girls with cute, short, summery cuts and I want to run to the nearest salon and get mine cut too.

7.  The time of year has approached where you don't know if you should wear your coat when you leave the house or not.  In the morning, you freeze if you don't bring it and in the afternoon you either burn up or have to lug it around with you. Silly weather.

8.  I read this article last week and found it really interesting.  It is about managing time.  Freshman year, I kept track of everything I did during a day, and it really helped me manage my time.  I haven't done it in a long time and I think it's about time to start it up again. I need to increase my productivity/ change my priorities to get more important things done in a day, and reduce the amount of not important things.  Next time some one asks you to do something you don't want to do, or probably wont end up doing, say, "I'm sorry, that's not a priority" instead of "I'm sorry, I don't have time" because you probably do have time you just don't know it.

9.  Because of the spinning class I have been taking, I now want to buy a road bike. And preferably before all of my biking muscles go away.

10.  I turned in a project today for my design class. The project was a package re-design.  I did mine on Bic Pens.  I love how they turned out.  I will have to post pictures of them soon.


  1. 35 hours? thats awesome carina - i'm glad it went so well!

    and this whole byu not having a spring break really needs to be changed. i feel like we'd all do so much better second semester if we had a break somewhere in there before finals .

  2. 17 minutes earlier than expected?! As a carpooler, I feel your pain. Some days I only wake UP 17 minutes before it's time to go..yikes

  3. found your blog- we have some similar ideas! haha i took a weekend break to st. george and it was just what i needed.
    also- i'm chopping off 12 inches of my hair after BYU's luau! i'm so excited. i love love love my hair short and this warm weather is making me through my hair up in a bun.

    also i'm in a spinning class too! love it so much (although the first day was painful)

  4. definitely agree with the hair. i'm at the point where i think my hair is too long, and i want to have short hair. i just know i'll miss it. oh the dilemna. and i know how you feel about the weather thing too, it's ridiculous haha. god luck with finals!

  5. These are awesome! Cant wait to see the pics of the bic project lol!


  6. I'm so glad to hear that your speech went so well! And 35 hours of practice?! That is impressive!! I need to study like that! Also, my morning minutes are SO important! 17 minutes is much too early to be picking someone up! Haha. Oh, and I am the same way about haircuts! Although I have never cut off ten inches because I don't think my hair even grows that long. But I always chop a lot off and then regret it soon after and spend months and months growing it back just do repeat all of that!

  7. Hope you had fun at Alta! (that was my rival high school) Oh and I have been debating on chopping of my hair too! I cut it every two years and it is getting LONG!


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