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Package Re-Design


This is my most recent project for my Graphic Design class.

I wanted to create a simple, elegant package design for a product I love but whose packaging I do not: Bic Pens. I tried to use the key/ important words I noticed from my packaging research to create the design. Some of the key words I noticed in my research were “easy glide,” “soft feel,” and “writes smooth.” I tried to make a smooth, easy, soft package design. The lines around the edges are all rounded, creating a smooth texture. I tried to keep the design simple because I thought that the current packaging was very busy and crowded. I used a serif font because I wanted it to appear more elegant, and I think the serif goes along with the feather pen icon on the right side. Instead of labeling the color of the pen, I thought that the color of the box and the color of the design could tell the customer instead. I also like that the actual package can be used to store the pens, not just some cardboard or plastic to throw away.


  1. Dude!! So cool! You should design my packaging ;)

  2. that is so good! you have so much talent, i love this!

  3. That is such a great idea! So cute too!

  4. That is such a great idea! So cute too!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Here was my inspiration:

    My teacher says as a beginning designer, you should be mimicking the designs you see around you that you like. That's how you get good.

  6. This is really good stuff Corina. As soon as I saw it I thought to myself, thank goodness they've finally changed the packaging!


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