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Spilled sprinkles... I took this picture when I took this picture...

Well, it is 9:45 and I just finished my school work for the week.  Actually that is a lie, because I have #1) a take home test that I need to complete before the weekend is over, as well as #2) a math assignment, and Monday I have #3) a big project due that I should probably finish this weekend as well. So actually, I guess totally disregard that last statement.

This week I only worked 14 hours at my real job, and 10 hours at my 2nd [fake] job.   At least I'm getting paid for my fake job I guess.  So, because of this I have been having the most chaotic week.  Actually weeks, because it has been like this for the last few weeks as well.

I have been waking up at 6:30 and going, going, going until at least 8pm when I would finally have a chance to sit down.  But this sitting was just the start of my homework time, which I would do until about 10:30 when I would completely drop, being incapable of continuing to work on my homework, even though I wasn't even close to finishing.

I haven't had a break for lunch in 3 weeks.  No breaks in my day at all.  This is craziness!  Oh you want me to run an errand?  Yeah right, I will never ever have time to do that.  I can't go to stores.

I'm to the point that if one thing goes wrong, I cry, or if I hear one bad bit of information, I'm done.  Usually the tears don't come until like 20 bad things have happened, but not these days.  Not this girl, she feels weak and needs a break.

Does anyone else ever feel like this?

Well if you've read this far, congratulations!  Now for the good news...

I decided to drop my minor and graduate this December.  I love the idea of graduating in 2012.  I'm so so excited about this decision, even though I've been pretty invested, in Math Ed.   I feel really happy about this. And especially LOVE the idea of finishing a bit earlier.

And I'm pretty sure that I will get to teach a Photography class in the Fall!  My [potential] mentor teacher teaches Photography 1 and Photography 2, as well as Yearbook.  Which I'm really excited about.

Here's to a good weekend!


  1. Haha wow, this was me last week - I feel your pain...the thought of graduating is all that got me through it, so at least that is coming sooner! Good luck with everything

  2. Sheesh, sounds like you've been one busy lady! Congrats on almost being done with school girl :)

  3. You sound sooo incredibly busy! If it's making you unhappy, I would agree that dropping that minor is a good idea. And finishing this year? Awesome!

    I love that photo, by the way!

  4. What is your fake job these days?

  5. yay! graduation is in sight! i know how those rough weeks go but at least you have a lot to look forward to now:)


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