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This coming Friday...


This morning as I was walking to class, I saw a fortune, from a fortune cookie, in the grass.  I decided to pick it up to see what my fortune would be.  "This coming Friday will be an exciting time for you."

The reason why I have been so stressed lately (and the reason why I wanted to buy a new skirt), is because I'm giving a big presentation "This coming Friday."  I'm representing the Fulton College, speaking to the President's Leadership Council, or everyone who has donated at least $1,000,000 to BYU in the last five years.

I hope that this fortune means that I will do a great job on my presentation and that all of the hours and hours I have been practicing will pay off.  I hope that by the words "exciting time" Mr. Fortune means "successful time," or "accomplishment" or even "achievement."

This coming Friday will be an accomplishment for you.

I'm not a very superstitious person, but I do like that I found a fortune that has something to do with an important day in my near future.


  1. How awesome is that?!?! Don't stress yourself out girl, you are going to do fabulous on Friday! :)

  2. Oh holy cow that sounds scary. You'll do great!

  3. Good luck!! You've got this!! :] And yay for finding such an awesome fortune!!

  4. What a perfect thing to find to calm your nerves :) Besides, if you could give me your presentation like you did last night, on Friday, it'll be superb!

  5. I'm sure you will do fabulous. Everything that I can tell about you from your blog shows that you would be exemplary at this kind of thing. Good luck!!

  6. I'm not very superstitious either, but sometimes I like to play that fortunes mean something. :)

    I'm pretty sure this one meant something...or at least meant you need to purchase that mint colored ASOS skirt you blogged about!

    Best of luck tomorrow! :) Happy to have bumped into you during the AltSummit class!


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