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Trip Around the World


Sometimes, on Friday mornings, because you wish you weren't at work, and because you love to travel, you have to plan a trip around the world...just to see how much the airfare would cost, so you can start saving for your dream.

And sometimes you try to imagine what it's like in Casablanca or Fiji. And someday when I have $16,634 Jordan and I will buy our tickets, pack our bags and leave for a while to see the world.

//If you want a really good laugh, please watch this or this.  I was laughing so hard my stomach was aching.

//Also, I would like to get my hands on some of these. Purely for decoration, not for practical use of course.

//I am loving this simple Easter craft, which I just might have to make this weekend.

//And last but not least, nothing has ever made me want to go camping more than this.

Happy Weekend!  Any exciting plans for you?


  1. Haaa I do that too, plan trips that I can't afford but still like to daydream about:)

  2. We'll go camping with you when you buy that tent. And the world trip too. :)

  3. A trip around the world would be SOOO cool! I love that you looked that up! :] I can't wait for you to save up the money and go!! That would be AWESOME!

  4. A trip around the world would be amazing! And I definitely saw those flowers nails yesterday and wanted some. And that tent is great!

  5. And I'm on my way to Fiji :) If you do end up coming to my little pocket of the world let me know. Though right now is not the best time in Fiji (I put a blog post about why, quite sad actually) Hope you had a fun weekend <3


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