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10 Current Thoughts


From one of my past photography assignments, I just remembered how much I like this picture.

 1.  I'm really excited about this guys.  I hope you're excited too.  Ready? Ok.!  I've been wanting to buy a domain for a while now but just haven't gotten around to it.  I have been waiting because I wanted to build a whole website and not just simply buy a domain for my blog. I bought it now because instead of buying a textbook for my Spring class we had to buy a domain.  Cool, huh?  So be ready for some changes around here sometime soon, before July, or the end of my Spring class.  

2.  Well lots of things have been going on these days.  Last week Jordan graduated from college (see previous post), he's getting ready to start a new job, Spring term has started, my family came to town, and we're moving!

3.  Moving actually should have been number one on this list because it has definitely been the number one thing on my mind these days.  Yep, we're moving!  Our house is in boxes.  Boxes everywhere.  Are there actually people on this earth who enjoy moving?  Because I'm not sure if it is possible.  I'm definitely not one of them.  There's only one benefit I see, and it is that you get rid of lots of stuff that you thought you needed but actually never used, and I'm definitely a fan of that.

4.  I love when my family comes to visit.  I wish they would come more often and stay longer.

5.  I think I have mentioned this before but I have been thinking about it again recently.  I can't wait until my life isn't sectioned into 4 month time periods.  Semesters.  Two more left, eight months until I hope I can just think of my life as a life instead of a set of four month chunks.

6.  Remember how it is almost May?  What the?  When did this happen?

7.  This may be one of those things you're just not supposed to talk about but I'm curious.  Student Loans.  Do you have any?  What about your spouse?  Do you ever get overwhelmed with the thought of paying them off?  How long do you think it will take you?  Do you have a plan to pay them off in a certain amount of time?  

8.  Three months ago when I was signing up for the Praxis I had no idea that I would be moving this weekend.  How in the world did those two fall on the same weekend?  I hope I can squeeze in some Praxis study time between all of the packing.  This is one of those times where seeing the future would have been very helpful. Wish I would have signed up for June instead. Oh well!

9.  My favorite treat.  Have you ever tried them?  So SO yummy.  I could probably eat the whole box in a day.  The thing I don't understand though, is why no one makes them with just regular vanilla ice cream.  I mean I don't mind that they're made of Almond milk, but I just wish they were LOTS a bit cheaper.

10.  We're selling some of our stuff.  Want to buy anything? A bench? A couch? Or a longboard?

Jordan's Graduation


Well folks, it's official!  My husband is a college graduate.  I mean there was no doubt in my mind that he wouldn't finish, but today was the day!  I heard them say it!  He has received his Bachelor's Degree.  I think I was more excited than he was.  It was such a beautiful day, I was a little bit worried this morning when it was raining, but the weather decided to cooperate for the graduates!  Commencement was wonderful, I really enjoyed Elder Oaks' speech.  Tomorrow, convocation and the diploma!  I'm so proud of Jordan for all of his hard work.  

Logo Design


Here is the logo I designed for my final project in my Design class.  I'm a little bit sad that class is over.

This logo design has an older feel. I did this because Rice Machine Shop is a well established company, which has been around for many years.  The main image in the logo is a welder, not because, Rice Machine focuses on welding or because it is their main interest, but because it represents machining as a whole.  The welder look like he is welding the name of the company.  The logo is primarily black with a red accent color.  I chose red as the accent color because  accompanying the black it creates a more masculine  texture.  The text inside the red ribbon, Rice Machine Shop, is in a san serif font, that is very narrow and slendor.  This font was chosen because I wanted to maintain the older feel, as well as accompany the other bold lines in the logo.

Crafts - 8 Pocket Bag


Claire and I had a little bit of a craft night on Friday while our husbands were in Moab. She taught me how to make this great purse. It has 8 pockets! I love bags with lots of pockets. Claire is a champion seamstress, click here to see a few pictures of the bag Claire made last Christmas. I bought the fabric for this bag at Material Girls, one of my new favorite stores. Overall, it was a fun little craft night! And surprisingly, this little bag came together really fast!  Especially with two cutters and sewers. Thanks Claire!  


I read an article in high school about a man who collected paper.  Not just any paper, he collected the next page, the next empty page from various authors, scientists, mathematicians, etc.   This page would be the top sheet from the notepad they were currently using or the pile of papers on their desk, just the next sheet of paper that they would have written on.

When he started his collection he wrote letters to people he admired, asking for their next sheet.  He received a paper from a yellow legal pad, with indentations from writing on the sheet that used to belong above it.  He received pages smaller than the usual 8.5 X 11 with the name if it's writer written across the top,  standard lined paper, you know the kind, with 3 holes on the left side, light blue lines, red stripe in the margin.  He received  graph paper, a page from a small notebook, even a few totally blank white pages.

Why did he do this, you may be thinking.  The idea is fascinating to me.  He said that, "The ideal sheet [for his collection] would not necessarily be that of the greatest writer but that which held the most potential."  He, as do I, loved the idea of the potential of that next empty sheet of paper.  What great novel could have been written on this page?  What noble winning theory or idea could have been jotted down as a passing thought that they didn't want to forget?

He even found out that Anne Frank's diary had blank pages in it before she stopped writing.  What an interesting addition to his collection that would be!  He once toured the Freud Museum in London, which is the house where Freud spent the last year of his life.  While on his tour he convinced his guide to sneak behind the velvet ropes to retrieve for him Freud's next blank page.

Ever since I read that article, probably 5 years ago, I have been fascinated with this idea.  The other day while searching for some letterhead design inspiration, I came across this site.  My mind suddenly flashed back to that article and I was reminded of my fascination with the potential of a piece of paper.

More important and fascinating than the potential of a piece of paper though, is human potential.  I hope I achieve all I am capable of.

Unofficial Pet

Meet Chicken.  I have mentioned him before on this blog, when he first came to visit, but that was a long time ago and I thought it was time for an update.

First of all, he is our neighbor's chicken. We aren't sure if it is a boy chicken or a girl, primarily because we don't know very much about chickens, but we never see any eggs so of course we assume it is a boy.  Plus he is kind of rambunctious.  He can often be seen in our yard, on our porch, on the roof of the carport, on our neighbor's roof, resting in the tree (or should I say nesting in the tree), or running around the driveway.

Lately, when we come out of our house the chicken RUNS up to us as fast as he can, to as we assume, say hello.  Sometimes, I wish that he wouldn't say hi.  Mostly because I'm scared that he will peck at my toes when I'm wearing flip flops.  But I do have to admit that he does bring an added element of fun into our life.  Let me just put it out there though, my love for this Chicken would exponentially grow if he would just give us a few eggs, i'm just sayin....

Seeing that chickens aren't too bad, and basically already having one, has made me very interested in owning my own and in actually maybe someday having a chicken coop.  Here are a few modern coops I have found intriguing:

I really like the roof-top garden ones.  I think those are my favorite.

Would you ever own a chicken?  Have you ever owned chickens?

1.  Flowers in Eggshells
2.  Secret Message
3.  Grocery Bag Easter Basket
4.  All-Natural Easter Egg Dye
5.  Egg Dye Baths

I have been loving all of the fun Easter crafts I have been seeing online, so I thought I would just make a little Round-Up for you!  I hope I get a chance to do a few of them this weekend.  Have you made any Easter crafts lately?  Did you/ are you going to dye eggs this year?

Happy Weekend!

10 Current Thoughts

1.  1.  Yesterday Jordan got FREE Jazz tickets.  Woohoo!  They were giving them away at a car dealership here in Provo.  He heard about it while he was eating his lunch in the car and just drove right over and got some.  We had a fun time at the game with Devin, Claire, Jared, and Jessica.  The only issue is that the Jazz always seem to lose when we go to their games (examples 1, 2, 3).  We still had a great time though.

2.  Jordan is heading to Houston in a few days for a job interview.  Wish him good luck!  He is knee deep in the job search.

3.  Is it really supposed to snow tomorrow?  Or was that a joke?

4.  Today I got to hear 3 amazing photographers (Leah Wright, Ashley Thalman, and Trevor Christensen) talk about their style, equipment, process...etc.  I LOVED it.  I loved hearing their philosophies and outlook.  They are all so skilled and knowledgabe about photography.  One thing that Trevor said that I thought was really interesting was that the work he makes isn't the work he loves.  Meaning that the work he makes isn't like the work he loves.  He does love his work, usually, but he has noticed that his work and the work of those he admires aren't really that similar.  This was interesting to me because he definitely has the skills to produce the work that he loves, he just tends not to.  For me however, the work I make isn't like the work I love, usually because of skill.  Sometimes this frustrates me, but today I realized that just because my work isn't the exact same as the work I love, I still love the pictures I take.

5.  One of my classes this semester is a once-a-week class, on Thursdays...So today was the last day of that class.  Check that off my list, thank you!  Glad to be done with that.

6.  This semester I only have 3 finals.  How'd I luck out with that one?  I'm not sure.  And I'll be done by Tuesday, even better.

7.  Free J Dawgs for dinner tonight.  I love [FREE] J Dawgs.

8.  I feel like people at my work are always talking about the government moving back to the gold standard.  Why are they always talking about this?  Seriously, about once a week I hear the conversation I heard tonight at work.  I guess it's slightly better than the other common topic, videogames.  I usually don't contribute to either of those conversations.

9.  I'm still toying around with the idea of signing up for a marathon.  Yesterday I was toying with the idea of signing up for this marathon.  Wouldn't that be great?

10. Every week I look forward to this on Thursdays and this on Fridays.  Just a little taste into my online fascinations.  What are some of yours?



My last assignment [before the final] for my design class was to make an infographic.  I decided to do mine on food.  I had fun researching interesting food facts and putting it all together.  I was pretty shocked that it would take 96 minutes to walk off ONE piece of pizza.  I never only eat one piece.  I had a fun time with this assignment and I think it was because I love infographics.

Clicks - Pretty Eggs


I snapped these while we were in Arizona.  My Aunt gets her eggs from her friend who has chickens.  I thought they were really pretty.  So here you go...a week early...Happy Easter!

And if you would like to hear some inspiring words today, click here.  You wont regret it!
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