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10 Current Thoughts


From one of my past photography assignments, I just remembered how much I like this picture.

 1.  I'm really excited about this guys.  I hope you're excited too.  Ready? Ok.!  I've been wanting to buy a domain for a while now but just haven't gotten around to it.  I have been waiting because I wanted to build a whole website and not just simply buy a domain for my blog. I bought it now because instead of buying a textbook for my Spring class we had to buy a domain.  Cool, huh?  So be ready for some changes around here sometime soon, before July, or the end of my Spring class.  

2.  Well lots of things have been going on these days.  Last week Jordan graduated from college (see previous post), he's getting ready to start a new job, Spring term has started, my family came to town, and we're moving!

3.  Moving actually should have been number one on this list because it has definitely been the number one thing on my mind these days.  Yep, we're moving!  Our house is in boxes.  Boxes everywhere.  Are there actually people on this earth who enjoy moving?  Because I'm not sure if it is possible.  I'm definitely not one of them.  There's only one benefit I see, and it is that you get rid of lots of stuff that you thought you needed but actually never used, and I'm definitely a fan of that.

4.  I love when my family comes to visit.  I wish they would come more often and stay longer.

5.  I think I have mentioned this before but I have been thinking about it again recently.  I can't wait until my life isn't sectioned into 4 month time periods.  Semesters.  Two more left, eight months until I hope I can just think of my life as a life instead of a set of four month chunks.

6.  Remember how it is almost May?  What the?  When did this happen?

7.  This may be one of those things you're just not supposed to talk about but I'm curious.  Student Loans.  Do you have any?  What about your spouse?  Do you ever get overwhelmed with the thought of paying them off?  How long do you think it will take you?  Do you have a plan to pay them off in a certain amount of time?  

8.  Three months ago when I was signing up for the Praxis I had no idea that I would be moving this weekend.  How in the world did those two fall on the same weekend?  I hope I can squeeze in some Praxis study time between all of the packing.  This is one of those times where seeing the future would have been very helpful. Wish I would have signed up for June instead. Oh well!

9.  My favorite treat.  Have you ever tried them?  So SO yummy.  I could probably eat the whole box in a day.  The thing I don't understand though, is why no one makes them with just regular vanilla ice cream.  I mean I don't mind that they're made of Almond milk, but I just wish they were LOTS a bit cheaper.

10.  We're selling some of our stuff.  Want to buy anything? A bench? A couch? Or a longboard?


  1. I love the picture! Hope you guys are not moving to far, that way it won't be too hard of a move. And I am so excited about your new website! Should be totally awesome!

  2. Ah! Jordan got a job! Where will he be working? And where are you guys moving? And why? Oh just way too many questions. I need to see you.

  3. Ahhh I hate moving! It's the absolute worst. I don't even know how there are people out there who work as movers. I wouldn't even want to do THAT.

  4. Wow, way to not even say where you're moving! Haha what is Dorothy going to do without you?
    Thanks to parents and scholarships we didn't have any student loans, but have heard lots of horror stories, so we feel pretty dang lucky. Congrats on getting a website!

  5. love this post!! and i still can't believe that it is may. in some denial over here! ha
    xo TJ


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