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Crafts - 8 Pocket Bag


Claire and I had a little bit of a craft night on Friday while our husbands were in Moab. She taught me how to make this great purse. It has 8 pockets! I love bags with lots of pockets. Claire is a champion seamstress, click here to see a few pictures of the bag Claire made last Christmas. I bought the fabric for this bag at Material Girls, one of my new favorite stores. Overall, it was a fun little craft night! And surprisingly, this little bag came together really fast!  Especially with two cutters and sewers. Thanks Claire!  


  1. I love all the pockets! Fun and functional, isn't it. The colors you picked are sweet.

  2. Oh wow, you are WAY too nice :) I hardly did any of the sewing but I was amazed at how much faster it went when TWO people do it. It made it so much more fun :) So cute!

  3. This bag is SO cute! I want one! Haha. And I LOVE that is have so many pockets! That would make keeping it organized SO easy!

  4. Corina I just found your blog and it is so awesome! This is SO cute! Corina, is there a pattern or something you used? I really want to make this!


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