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Jordan's Graduation


Well folks, it's official!  My husband is a college graduate.  I mean there was no doubt in my mind that he wouldn't finish, but today was the day!  I heard them say it!  He has received his Bachelor's Degree.  I think I was more excited than he was.  It was such a beautiful day, I was a little bit worried this morning when it was raining, but the weather decided to cooperate for the graduates!  Commencement was wonderful, I really enjoyed Elder Oaks' speech.  Tomorrow, convocation and the diploma!  I'm so proud of Jordan for all of his hard work.  


  1. Congratulations, Jordan!! We are all so proud of you!

  2. Congratulations!! :] That is so exciting! I graduate in about two weeks and I CAN'T WAIT! Haha. Seeing these pictures just made me extra excited! Haha.

  3. this is so exciting! I am headed to Virginia for my boyfriends graduation this week! I cant wait!...your pictures are awesome!

  4. that is awesome - congrats to him!


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