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Here is the logo I designed for my final project in my Design class.  I'm a little bit sad that class is over.

This logo design has an older feel. I did this because Rice Machine Shop is a well established company, which has been around for many years.  The main image in the logo is a welder, not because, Rice Machine focuses on welding or because it is their main interest, but because it represents machining as a whole.  The welder look like he is welding the name of the company.  The logo is primarily black with a red accent color.  I chose red as the accent color because  accompanying the black it creates a more masculine  texture.  The text inside the red ribbon, Rice Machine Shop, is in a san serif font, that is very narrow and slendor.  This font was chosen because I wanted to maintain the older feel, as well as accompany the other bold lines in the logo.

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  1. Have ever thought about doing blog designs?!! Haha, you are amazingly talented Corina! Seriously So amazing! I love the way this looks:D


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