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I read an article in high school about a man who collected paper.  Not just any paper, he collected the next page, the next empty page from various authors, scientists, mathematicians, etc.   This page would be the top sheet from the notepad they were currently using or the pile of papers on their desk, just the next sheet of paper that they would have written on.

When he started his collection he wrote letters to people he admired, asking for their next sheet.  He received a paper from a yellow legal pad, with indentations from writing on the sheet that used to belong above it.  He received pages smaller than the usual 8.5 X 11 with the name if it's writer written across the top,  standard lined paper, you know the kind, with 3 holes on the left side, light blue lines, red stripe in the margin.  He received  graph paper, a page from a small notebook, even a few totally blank white pages.

Why did he do this, you may be thinking.  The idea is fascinating to me.  He said that, "The ideal sheet [for his collection] would not necessarily be that of the greatest writer but that which held the most potential."  He, as do I, loved the idea of the potential of that next empty sheet of paper.  What great novel could have been written on this page?  What noble winning theory or idea could have been jotted down as a passing thought that they didn't want to forget?

He even found out that Anne Frank's diary had blank pages in it before she stopped writing.  What an interesting addition to his collection that would be!  He once toured the Freud Museum in London, which is the house where Freud spent the last year of his life.  While on his tour he convinced his guide to sneak behind the velvet ropes to retrieve for him Freud's next blank page.

Ever since I read that article, probably 5 years ago, I have been fascinated with this idea.  The other day while searching for some letterhead design inspiration, I came across this site.  My mind suddenly flashed back to that article and I was reminded of my fascination with the potential of a piece of paper.

More important and fascinating than the potential of a piece of paper though, is human potential.  I hope I achieve all I am capable of.


  1. what a cool idea! thanks for sharing!

  2. such a great story, I really love this post!

  3. That is awesome!! :] I love that he got Freud's next page! What a cool idea!


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