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Unofficial Pet

Meet Chicken.  I have mentioned him before on this blog, when he first came to visit, but that was a long time ago and I thought it was time for an update.

First of all, he is our neighbor's chicken. We aren't sure if it is a boy chicken or a girl, primarily because we don't know very much about chickens, but we never see any eggs so of course we assume it is a boy.  Plus he is kind of rambunctious.  He can often be seen in our yard, on our porch, on the roof of the carport, on our neighbor's roof, resting in the tree (or should I say nesting in the tree), or running around the driveway.

Lately, when we come out of our house the chicken RUNS up to us as fast as he can, to as we assume, say hello.  Sometimes, I wish that he wouldn't say hi.  Mostly because I'm scared that he will peck at my toes when I'm wearing flip flops.  But I do have to admit that he does bring an added element of fun into our life.  Let me just put it out there though, my love for this Chicken would exponentially grow if he would just give us a few eggs, i'm just sayin....

Seeing that chickens aren't too bad, and basically already having one, has made me very interested in owning my own and in actually maybe someday having a chicken coop.  Here are a few modern coops I have found intriguing:

I really like the roof-top garden ones.  I think those are my favorite.

Would you ever own a chicken?  Have you ever owned chickens?


  1. I love the roof-top garden ones. An I think I would LOVE owning chickens! Fresh eggs? Count me in.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a crack up, and HE'S adorable!!! What a cute story!!!

  3. Ever since we started selling chickens at my work last year, I don't think I could ever own them. The eggs are good, but they are so high maintenance and expensive!! Just my opinion though. They are cute when they're young. :)

  4. We had these two random chickens show up on my parent's property because they flew out of slaughter trucks. One was a lot like this and loved being around us and the other could care less. It was definitely cute though :)


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