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Clicks - Josh & Alyse

Yesterday we went to a beautiful wedding at the Draper Temple.  There was a blue blue sky and pretty flowers on the temple grounds, and of course a gorgeous bride and excited groom.  Josh proposed to Alyse back in December in front of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, and yesterday they were married!  The sealing was wonderful.  And the luncheon and reception were to match.  There were so many perfect details that made the day great.  Among them, we thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream sundaes and the photo-booth at the reception.  Oh, and I just have to mention how much I loved their cake.  It was soo beautiful!

Congratulations Josh & Alyse!  We're excited that you have officially joined the married club.


  1. I'm so impressed with your photography skills Corina. Teach me what you know!

  2. Aw your pics are beautiful!! You should have been their photographer!

  3. i love your pictures! no matter what, i never ever get tired of looking at wedding pictures.

  4. that cake and her flowers are so pretty. plus i'm totally obsessed with that last pic.

  5. Our friends Kevin and Megan are totally in those pictures from the photobooth. bahaha! :)

  6. I SO want a photobooth at my future wedding now.

    All are lovely pics, dear.



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