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Date Night


Jordan and I are always looking for cheap, fun date ideas. Friday night, after we bought a great CityDeal to Planet Play, we headed over there with Jared and Jessica, Josh and Alyse, and Matt and Lauren. We had so much fun. What's not to like about a pizza buffet, mini golf, laser tag, arcade games, bowling, and prizes? Let me tell you, it's a great combination.

My favorite game of the night was definitely the car racing. All of the girls raced and then all of the boys raced. Jordan won 100 tickets on "Deal or No Deal," and I won the jackpot of 250 tickets on Spin-N-Win! Thanks Planet Play for a great Friday night date night.


  1. FUN! I kind of love those little cheap bracelets you get there.

  2. This looks like it was a blast--it's been AGES since I've been to an arcade. This is definitely going on my must-do-soon list! :)

  3. How fun is this? I especially like the photo of all the women racing and the guys cheering you on.

  4. What a great night :) Matt makes a fantastic Indian child.


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