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Ever since I found this on Pinterest I have been wanting to try it out. Tonight seemed to be the perfect night for a little Photoshop craft. I think they turned out so well! It's a great tutorial, very easy to follow. I would love to get these printed and hang them on our wall. I'm imagining them in round frames. For some reason, I always picture silhouettes in round frames. Do you? I've never looked for round frames. Any suggestions for where to look?  Anyway, I love my little family, and our silhouettes.  


  1. Love that! Wish I had photoshop - and yeah, I think I usually picture them in oval frames too :) I think the dollar store has them!

  2. This looks so great! I am way impressed by it! I never end up doing any of the cute little projects on Pinterest... I just always hope someone will do them for me and give them to me. So not a crafty person. Congrats on your boy's graduation from BYU! Such an exciting day when that happens!

    new follower :)


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