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If I forget you...


I just watched this movie and it really brought me back. I got the chills. Did I actually go to Jerusalem? Did that really happen? I feel like that was another lifetime ago. I miss it so badly. I often dream about being there. I want to be there, and to be immersed in my scriptures. And go to all of the sites and remember all of the little details that make those stories real.

That city is truly amazing. And the Center.  Oh, the Jerusalem Center.  I miss that place. It just kills me to know that I can never live there, stay there, be a student there again. I want to go wander around the Old City. I want to go explore. I want to go to the Western Wall and feel the peace that comes from devoted worship.  I want to go see the Dome of the Rock, and all of it's beautiful colors and ornate design. I want to play the bells at the YMCA. I want to go float in the Dead Sea.  Most of all though, I want to go to Galilee.  I want to ride a boat across the Sea and think about the raging waters being calmed. I want to ponder and remember the Savior's ministry.

My time in Jerusalem was so precious to me. I really studied, and learned, and grew. I think that's why I love that place so much. Not only because it is an amazing place, but because in my mind I associate it with learning and growth. There I knew and felt the potential that I had, and knew what I needed to do to achieve it.

I love when I hear a song or a phrase and it takes me back. I love when I'll smell something and close my eyes and feel like I am there. I'm glad I will always have my memories of that beautiful place.


  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful post. My parents traveled there before my grandpa died. He wanted my mom to sing "I walked today where Jesus walked" which she did, at the tomb. I've grown up listening to stories of their adventures and of course the stories in the scriptures. I very literally long to be there in the Old City. Hopefully I'll be able to go through the study abroad here at BYU!

  2. that is so incredible that you have gotten to go, it would be a place i'd love to see one day. i was in Greece last Fall, and I loved all the biblical historical sites we saw there...

    wonderful pictures!


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