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  1. a few things:

    - isn't mntn biking the best?!

    - yay for iphones & instagram

    - apps I love:
    Todo by appigo (best list appt)
    Nike Training Club (best workout app)
    Photo 365 (fun photo diary)
    LDS tools (so handy)
    iPeriod (for tracking girly stuff)

    - I say get the AC

    :) happy tuesday!

  2. ha! i love my iphone. i also caved in and got instagram, but i have no idea how to use it half the time. i'm not as technologically advanced as i thought i was. my most used apps are either reference apps (imdb, dictionary, translator) or store apps (like joanns, so i can have as many coupons as i can). oh and i love the kindle app as well. we don't have a/c in our apartment and it's extremely rough. we debate whether we should get it or not, but in the end it's always not, just to save lots of money.

  3. Ooh iphones! My favourite apps are 8 mm for filming, hipstamatic and instagram for photos, shazam for finding music, and cartolina for sending cute messages. Enjoy!

  4. i just entered the world of iPhones and now i wonder what i did without one! instagram is my new obsession- i'll have to follow you :) iphones are soo convenient for everything!

    andrea brionne


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