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Colorado Trip (1) 2012


My aunt Annett, cousin Addie, her son Gabriel, my grandma, and I hopped in the car this weekend and took a quick trip to Colorado.

We left on Thursday afternoon and got in at about 10:30.  On Friday my Mom took work off so we could play.  We went to the Jewelry show, to Hammond's Candy Factory, Kokoro for lunch, discovered my new favorite treat at DQ (the cherry dipped cone blizzard) thanks to my Mom, and a stop in at The Great Indoors closing sale.  That afternoon we went to the pool.

Saturday we went thrifting.  My Mom is the thrift store champion.  We went to 3 stores and came home with a huge carload of stuff.  We had lunch at Panera, and hit The Container Store on our way home. When we got home we threw on our swimming suits again, and headed back to the pool.

Sunday we went to church and then lounged around the house, played games, and I sewed curtains for my Parent's room.

We headed home on Monday.  This is where the real adventure begins.  First we lost the car keys.  After searching for 45 minutes and repacking most of our bags, we finally found the bathroom. So we hit the road only to discover that 2 of us had forgotten our phone chargers, so around we turned. Phone chargers in hand we headed back out. Attempt #2. We had just gotten to the mountains, about the Evergreen area, an hour and a half away, and we realized that we had forgotten most of my Grandma's stuff at home. Luckily we were able to call Sarah, who ran over to our house grabbed all of the left-behind items and met us at IKEA, where they were serving free breakfast, because it was Monday.

3 hours after our initial departure, we were back on the road, with full bellies, a few IKEA purchases, all of our phone chargers, and we headed home.

I loved that Addie and Gabriel were able to come on our trip. I loved spending time with them. Gabriel is such a good baby. Two 8 hour car rides and lots [LOTS] of playing and he was a perfect little angel baby. It was a great weekend!


  1. haha! His car seat made it look like he had an afro for a minute. So cute :) What a nice getaway!

  2. What a fun time, and he is too cute!!

  3. corina can you send me that picture of gabriel and i in the pool? please and thank you.


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