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Drive-Ins: Big Moe's | Price, Utah


On our way to Colorado this weekend, we drove through Price.  While we were in Price we stopped at another Drive-in from this list. We stopped at Big Moe's Eatery and Bakery. It was super tasty. [This would be Drive-in #2 of 10.  See #1 here]

Big Moe's is famous for their home-made buns, burgers, and fries. That's right! Everything in that sentence is homemade.  I knew I had to get a burger, so after looking at the menu, I decided to get Big Moes Original Hamburger.  It was really yummy, and I especially loved the bun (I hate when you have a great burger on a crappy bun).

It was a good little stop on our drive and a great small town drive-in.  Thanks Big Moe's!


  1. oh man i'm so glad i'm not the only one who hates a crappy bun.

  2. We've been on a total burger kick lately, mostly making them at home with homemade fries but that bun does look really good!

  3. Hi Corina! Following from abcde! LOVE this post! There is something about visiting a nostalgic diner that is so perfect in every way! And each one holds so much charm! We have one right in our town that is much the same way. Ahh How I love!! Happy Wednesday!!

  4. That burger looks delicious.


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