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  1. okay what are your thoughts on bunheads? as a dancer and a gilmore girls fan i was SO excited for this show - but i dont' think theyve done a very good job developing anything. i mean i still watch it - and i'm still hoping it gets better - but its just kind of "blah"

  2. I finished my last on-campus class too! One step closer baby :) And I totally would mic (is that an abbreviation?) a lunch over a sandwich any day. I'm loving these graphic posts!

  3. well if anybody tells you any advice on driving by semis without freaking out, let me know cause i HATE driving by them. i'm always scared they'll drift in my lane when i'm in their blind spot, or their cargo will fall out when i'm behind. or something crazy.

  4. I felt much less scared of driving next to/around semis after having driven a bus...don't know that you'll be doing any big vehicle driving yourself, but I CAN tell you that it takes a LOT of training and practice to drive a vehicle like that so maybe that'll give you a little more trust in them? haha Also, they have mirrors that pretty much let them see anything

  5. I LOVE Gilmore Girls as well!!! I do not have tv so do not have intentions of watching bun heads. I saw the commercials for it though. I'm sure nothing would be comparable to Gilmore Girls.
    I love left-overs as well but do not really care if my lunch is cold or hot.
    Driving by semi's just go fast! That's what I do haha

  6. July 27th can't come soon enough! Can't believe I'm lucky enough to attend some of the games this year.


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