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Mike and Megan

Travis Richardson let me tag along with him on Thursday, while he shot Mike and Megan's Wedding. It was a beautiful day. Megan's dad is a farmer in Idaho, so they had a baked potato bar for dinner, which I though was really fun. The decorations were kind of rustic, I loved all of the wild flowers. Here are some of my pictures from the wedding:


  1. Great pics, I especially like the last one with the cheese :) Have you found your new lense/s to be really helpful? For some reason I was thinking this was going to be pics from KEVIN and Megan's wedding so I was really surprised at the first couple picture. haha

  2. Beautiful pictures!!
    I love all the outdoorsy touches.

  3. These pictures are wonderful! :] And that is super cool that they had a baked potato bar! Now I'm hungry though! Haha.

  4. what a precious wedding, i love spring and summer weddings, so so pretty, LOOK at that CAKE!


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