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RedBox Review

One of our favorite date night activities is popping some popcorn and grabbing a Redbox movie.  I love a relaxing night in.

Here are my thoughts about the last 10 Redbox movies we've seen, in true top 10 fashion.  Here we go.

10. Larry Crowne
This movie was kind of blah. Granted I was in a bad mood when we watched it so that could have contributed. I can't even remember anything that I really liked about this movie [or anything that I didn't like for that matter], therefore I have to put it at number 10.

9. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
It is purely coincidental that the bottom 2 movies in this top 10 have Tom Hanks in them. I like Tom Hanks, these two movies just weren't my style. This movie was good, it was just a downer (I mean what else would you expect from a movie about September 11th?). The story was really interesting, but not a new favorite.

8. Midnight in Paris
This movie was fun but a little bit over the top for me. What I didn't like was Rachel McAdams.  I couldn't stand her in this movie. I thought she was really annoying. I'm not a big Owen Wilson fan either, but it was fun that the movie took place in Paris and I loved that there were so many great writers and artists as characters, so that aspect of this movie was great.

7. Mission Impossible
Jordan fell asleep during this movie. I watched the whole thing. Twice.  Because I had to re-watch it with Jordan the next day. I liked this one, it just wasn't as good, in my opinion, as the next few movies.

6. In Time
What if time was money? Literally money. When we want to buy something we spend minutes instead of dollars. There were so many puns in this movie, and that made it really fun to watch. At first the whole concept was a little bit hard to wrap your mind around, but it is a really interesting idea. I really enjoyed it, until it became kind of political towards the end.

5. Moneyball
I loved that this was a true story and [spoiler alert!] the ending killed me!

4. Warrior
When this movie was first suggested I thought, "Really? A boxing movie? I am not going to like it." I can number on one hand all of the fighting movies I actually like (1. Nacho Libre).  So this movie was surprisingly good, to have made it to #4 on this list. It was one of those movies where I felt so connected to the characters, I reveled in their accomplishments, and I was hurt with their sorrows.

3. Crazy Stupid Love
There is one part in this movie that makes you so so glad you watched it. That Ah-Ha moment made this entire movie for me.

2. The Big Year
Neither of us had ever even heard of this movie until we rented it.  Have you heard of it?  It is about bird watching and has a great cast.  I'm talking Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson (I know I said I'm not a big Owen Wilson fan, but he was pretty good in this one!). Another great thing about this movie is that it is rated PG, I feel like movies are never PG these days. It's really funny and just an all around great show. No complaints.

And drum roll please.....


The number one movie on the second edition [first edition, click here] Redbox Review is....

1. The Help
This movie is amazing. I am tempted to say that it is one of my new all time favorite movies. I love it. It made me laugh. And it made me cry, more than just cry actually. I was sobbing. Now some people might not like movies that make you cry, but I was so wrapped up in this movie that I couldn't help it. I watched this movie 3 times in 1 day of a redbox rental. That means it must be good. If you haven't seen it yet, go get in the car, and rent it (And if you haven't read the book yet, please read the book too!  They're both so so good). You'll be glad you did. You can invite me over if you want, I'll watch it again.

Have you seen any of these movies?  What were your thoughts?


  1. Agreed--The Help was amazing, and I was SOO glad that the movie producers actually did the book justice. I thought it was brilliant.

    I was thinking of trying out some of these movies for myself, but after hearing how some of them annoyed you so much, now I'm not so sure, lol...

  2. I think The Big Year is the only one of these we haven't seen so we'll have to check it out - we've been in a redbox slump lately b/c we feel like we've seen them all! haha But we LOVED In Time and Crazy Stupid Love has awesome actors in it :)

  3. Of all those, I've only seen Midnight in Paris, Crazy Stupid Love and The Help. Of course, I liked The Help best. I think Moneyball, Warrior and Big Year made it onto my list though. :)

  4. the help was seriously amazing. and i totally cried the first time i watched it in the theatre... :)

    andrea brionne

  5. I agree with pretty much all your opinions on these movies.

    I found the kid in Extremely Loud to incredibly pretentious and annoying which made me dislike him more than feel bad for him.

    In Time: Really liked it and the idea of it.

    The Help. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  6. I loved Larry Crowne. Its the only movie where I've actually liked Julia Roberts. But we seem to have reasonably different taste, because while I LOVED Warrior, I hated Crazy Stupid Love. So there you go.


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