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Colorado Trip (2) 2012 & Wyoming for the 4th of July


Jordan and I packed up the car on Tuesday and headed to Colorado. We arrived at about 10 that night, after a quick stop for dinner in Glenwood. My brothers have been working on a ranch in Wyoming for the past week or so, so on Wednesday we headed up there to pick them up, with a stop in lovely Casper for lunch. They had a great time and felt like real cowboys. The ranch is in Thermopolis, home of the worlds largest mineral hot springs, so after we picked up the boys we headed to the pool. After the pool and dinner, we found out that there was free mini-golf because it was the 4th, so we played a round. Jordan kicked our butts. He got two holes in one.

Thursday we woke up, had breakfast, ran back out to the ranch (because Logan forgot his toothbrush and sleeping bag), took a quick look at the actual hot springs and then hit the road again, to head back to Colorado. On the way home we stopped for dinner in Casper, and went to Sierra Trading Post in Cheyenne. Friday, back in Colorado, we ran some errands in the morning and then went to Freddy's for lunch. My roommate Rachel has recently moved to Colorado, and she was able to come meet us at Freddy's. It was really good to see her! After lunch we went to see my Grandma. It was nice to catch up with her while the boys played with the toy trains. It was a great little trip.


  1. This looks like so much fun! I really want to go hiking with you! If only you could get to Colorado from Utah by way of Las Vegas!! But I was thinking when are you going to do the diner in Beaver? We should totally try and meet up then! Bever is like half way from Vegas to Salt Lake!!

  2. ps love the new blog look and the photo of clown Corina on the side! You totally rock that red nose!!


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