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Drive-Ins: Reed's Drive-In | Nephi, Utah


On our way to Manti on Saturday, we stopped and had lunch in Nephi, so we could go to Reed's Drive-In, which is another diner on the list of the Top 10 Small-town Drive-in's in Utah. That article from the Salt Lake Trib said that the patty melt with mushrooms was really good, and we usually try to get what they recommend, but since neither of us are big mushroom fans we decided not to get it, and instead got a Super Bacon Burger.  It was definitely a good choice. This time we got some tater tots instead of the usual, fries. Matt and Lauren, who joined us for lunch, were a bit more adventurous, and got half English Chips and half fries and I have to say that the English Chips were really tasty. We also got a boysenberry shake, which was really yummy and came with the worlds largest straw.

It was a fun little stop on our trip. I would definitely recommend to anyone passing through Nephi. Stop by and grab some food.

Other diners we've visited:
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4 diners (on the list) to go!


  1. Those tater tots look especially yummy :) Devin is a total boysenberry fan, he would love that!

  2. thats it, i have to go now. and for some reason i really want those tots.
    you guys are cuties.


  3. I'm starving now! This food sounds DELICIOUS! :]


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