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Fun Finds


I hopped on the roof last night to snap these pictures of the sunset. I love the silhouette of the tree. (The first two I took with my film camera, and the last one with my digital.)

If you want a little pick me up, watch this.
If you want to be thankful for the recent good weather (and laugh), look at this.
If you want to look goofy, buy these.
If you want to be amazed, look at this.
If you want to laugh, read this.
If you want to see an idea I wish I would have thought of, click here

Happy Tuesday!


  1. The security camera video is really cool!

  2. Such a beautiful picture! :)

  3. Love the sandwich thing, I try hi k I stumbled upon that one time. I've seen something like that for pies from every state, too

  4. what a beautiful shot. i love sunsets.


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