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Manti Temple


Yesterday we hopped in the car and drove down to the beautiful Manti Temple with Matt and Lauren. This was technically the second time I had been there, the first being August 6th last year for Matt and Lauren's wedding. Yesterday we were able to do a session, and to spend a little bit more time enjoying the beauty of this building. I have been to quite a few temples, and all of them are special and beautiful but I think this one might be my favorite so far. I really loved everything about it.  I wish it was closer, but I guess that's part of why it is special, because I can't go there all the time.


  1. this temple is a long time favorite in my familys... I however am the "black sheep" and love the Logan temple. but I'm going to the Manti temple today and I agree- it is so beautiful.


    brooke elyse

  2. i love that last shot! it's especially castle looking.


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