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Jordan and I made a quick stop in Moab on the way home from Colorado. I recently got a mountain bike and have been dying to go to Moab. Jordan found the perfect little trail for us to ride. The Rusty Spur Trail, which is only about a mile and a half, is pretty short for a Moab trail, but because I woke up feeling sick on Saturday this was the perfect ride. The trail is a loop and the beginning and the end are on paved road, which I loved. My bike has a computer on it, that tells me how fast and far I've ridden. It said that we were riding 21mph at the very end. That might not seem very fast but I felt like I was flying! It was so exhilarating. It was also good because right as we were finishing up it started raining, so if it would have been any longer we would have had to ride in the rain. I love the red rocks and blue skies in Moab, it is so different from the Utah I'm used to.


  1. I love Moab! My husband just went on a guys only mountain biking trip to Moab last month. I was really sad that I was invited! That's great that you and your husband go mountain biking together. I've thought about picking it up.

  2. so fun! i've never, been. looks like you guys had a blast!!

  3. Always wanted to ride on that paved path. It always looked so pleasant (while sitting in discomfort with saddle soreness caused by the rocky and extremely unsafe butt buster having just completed). It's about time Jordan mellowed out a little.

  4. We miss it! So glad you finally got to go though, good for you :)

  5. The scenery is stunning! SO earthy! I love it :)


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