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Nick and Dayana

I shot another wedding with Travis Richardson last week at Louland Falls, up Parley's Canyon. It was a very pretty little venue. During the time I spent with Nick and Dayana, I leaned that Dayana is very talented: she made her beautiful wedding dress and she drew the tree in their fingerprint sign-in picture. I also learned that they met in Middle School, basically soul mates, if you ask me. They wrote and read their own vows, which were beautiful. Congrats Nick and Dayana!


  1. beautiful! corina. i love your pictures.

  2. Love it! I especially love the one of the flower centerpieces through the chair. It looks like it would have been hard to focus the flowers with the chair rungs in the way...maybe not?

  3. everything is just so perfect. seriously love these shots!


  4. Beautiful photos! Great to meet you last week, and even greater to know where to follow you now!

  5. Awesome pictures, Corina! (P.S. I totally love her fingerprint tree--what a cute, original idea!)

  6. What a beautiful wedding and wonderful pictures;)


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