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Recent [from my phone]

1. The only acceptable kind of snow || 2. Road trip snack || 3. On the road
4. Almond Crescent from Rosi's || 5. Leaving Colorful Colorado || 6. Moab's beautiful colors
7. Bush outside my office is always full of bees || 8. Mystery Machine in Moab || 9. Downtown Denver
10. Taylorsville Dayzz Carnival || 11. Flowers in the backyard || 12. Dress like a cow day @ Chick-fil-a

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  1. I wanted to do dress like a cow day but we don't have any Chik Fil A restaurants...I was seriously so sad!

  2. Instagram link-up on my blog today in case you want to join!


  3. LOVE dress like a cow day!!!

    Stopping by from the link up! Happy to be your newest follower <3

    xo, Jersey Girl

  4. That snow cone looks so good however I would need them to poor me extra juice in it :) other then that I so very badly want it :) great post!


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