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Recent [from my phone]

1. Picnic at Bell Canyon Reservoir || 2.  Bell Canyon Reservoir   ||  3. House cut in half to make room for a road ||  4. Champion Brothers  ||  5. Sunshine through the trees  ||  6. Happy to be done with work  ||  7. Pool-time  ||  8. Date night at the Temple  ||  9. Burger Bar in Roy  ||  10. At the Park || 11. Taylorsville Dayzz Fireworks || 12. We like ice cream


  1. Hey if you have a second I'm doing a link-up on instagram pics over on my blog today. I'd love to have you link this!

  2. already a follower but saw you in the link up over at silver lining :) just wanted to say hi! I love your pictures!

  3. Your hair is getting so long! :)

  4. Without a doubt I think my 3 favorite are the picnic, pool time, & ice cream! Too cute & adorable :) I love it I guess I now need to follow you on instagram :) great post!

  5. That is ALOT of ice cream :)

  6. Beautiful picnic photo! & yes you must really love ice cream! :)


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