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California Trip | Day 2


When I heard about this lighthouse/hostel I knew I wanted to stay there. Jordan and I aren't all that adventurous, so we opted to stay in a private room, instead of the dorm rooms, at a little extra cost. When we first got there I was a little bit sad that it was cloudy and foggy (so I couldn't take tons of great pictures), but then Jordan reminded me that weather like that is the reason why lighthouses were built, and then I didn't mind so much.

I think the coolest part about staying there was the hot tub. They rent out this hot tub in 30 minute time slots to their guests for $7. We loved it. It might have been my favorite part of the trip. We rented it at dusk from 7:45 to 8:15. I didn't get very many good pictures, because like I mentioned, it was foggy, but that's also why it was cool. It was neat to be sitting in a totally secluded hot tub, while the air around you is freezing, watching the waves crash on the rocks. There were even a few seals on the rocks!

The next morning we got up and headed down to the beach, where we ate our breakfast. It was really fun exploring all of the tide-pools and seeing all of the creatures.

After the beach we started our whirlwind State Park Tour. We figured that since your pass is good all day and in any state park we would try to go to as many as we could. We made it to three. First, we headed to Ana Nuevo to see the elephant seals. These are truly strange animals. They are humongous and really fun to watch move around the beach, but mostly they just sit there, throwing sand on themselves.

After Ana Nuevo we headed back to Santa Cruz for lunch and stopped by Natural Bridges on our way up to Big Basin to see some redwood trees. I loved Big Basin. It was so hard to get a picture that accurately portrayed how large these trees were, but I tried. One of our favorite parts of Big Basin was the huge slice out of one of the trees, that had various dates labeled to show how old the tree was. That particular tree sprouted during the Byzantine Empire, around 544 AD. Near the edge of the tree were labels like Columbus landing on America and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which I thought was a long time ago, but apparently not. I had never seen a redwood tree before, and I definitely loved it.

After Big Basin we headed back to Santa Cruz (we loved Santa Cruz, if you can't tell), were we went to dinner at Burger. The real reason why we went back to Santa Cruz, was because Jordan's Aunt and Uncle (who were so kind to let us stay with them), were going to see The Fixx at the Boardwalk, so we went and met them there. Before we sat down to watch the show, we rode the Skyride. The Boardwalk was a really fun place with lots of good people watching. After the show, Doug and Jordan got Corndogs. It was another great day in Sunny CA.


  1. this trip looks like so much fun! im so jealous. beach boardwalks are the best.

  2. okay so we just had the same trip.
    go look at my blog.
    can't get over this.

  3. oh my goodness!! light house and redwoods are now on my bucket list. love the photos, glad y'all had a good time.


  4. i think you're pretty much going on my honeymoon. i loved the santa cruz boardwalk! except we didn't go to the lighthouse, and i seriously wish that we did. i love all of your pictures!

  5. Looks like such a fun trip, you got a lot of great pictures!

  6. oooh how pretty! Beautiful photos, looks like a great time... and that hot tub is so worth booking the time slot--- really cool!


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